18 October 2022 (Tuesday)

Previously known as: xtUML Days

Shlaer-Mellor Days 2022

What is this?

Shlaer-Mellor Days 2022 is a modeling conference and represents the 9th edition of Shlaer-Mellor Days (formerly known as xtUML Days). (See Previous xtUML Days.) Shlaer-Mellor Days is the most dense gathering of the year of Shlaer-Mellor modelers. The Shlaer-Mellor xtUML Community meets to collaborate on Modeling, Method and Tooling.

The central topic of the conference is end-to-end modeling, execution, translation and deployment of models-as-code in mission critical settings employing rigorous methodology. The unifying theme is practical, actual, industrial application modeling within production installations. Attendees will network with engineers, scientists and educators who understand executable and translatable modeling as applied in active systems.

In 2022, a special focus will be continued to extend and clarify the Shlaer-Mellor Method in light of undocumented developments over the last several years.

Also in focus:

  • Method advances (specifically convergence and rationalization of PT and K-C dialects)

  • Tooling Refinements

  • Incremental Adoption

  • Model Compilation

The Shlaer-Mellor Community is keen to exchange expertise and learn from one another. Shlaer-Mellor Days provides a forum for developers to share best practices and influence the direction of the technology. The conference committee hereby solicits compelling papers and presentations that exhibit method advances, tooling improvements and application experience in Shlaer-Mellor modeling and related Executable/Translatable modeling.


Key Shlaer-Mellor community members planning to participate include Mike Lee, Paul Francis, Colin Carter, Ian Wilkie, Leon Starr, Marc Balcer, Levi Starrett and others.



Shlaer-Mellor Days 2022 will be hosted on Zoom. This platform is familiar to most and supports interaction with people as well as access to presentations.


You can register to attend the conference by clicking here. The link will take you to PayPal to purchase your ticket. Pricing is set at $100. (You do not need a PayPay account to register; a credit or debit card is acceptable.)

Scholarships may be available to university students. Contact the conference chair.

Register by emailing the chair (cortland.starrett at onefact.net). Provide name and company/school information. Do this even if you pay through the electronic portal below.

Participants under contract with the One Fact Community Engagement support option attend at no cost.

Registration payment can be made with a credit card (through the PayPal portal below). Payment can be made by check. Other methods of payment can be arranged through the conference organizers. Discounts may be available to companies sending more than 3 participants; contact the chair.

Agenda of Presentations

Tuesday 18 October (Conference Day)

Session Types

All session types are eligible to be pre-recorded. For pre-recorded sessions, the presenter will be available live to respond to questions and comments.

Table 1. Session Types
Session Type Abbrev # time Description

keynote presentation




classic featured presentation from featured expert

technical presentation




These are traditional full length presentations from recognized experts in the field. Together with the experience reports, these represent the primary content of the conference.

experience report




Experience reports are medium length presentations focused on the application of modeling in industry or education.

panel discusion




The panel discussion typically involves a moderator and a panel of experts. Questions have been prepared and shared with panel members. Audience participation is included.





A debate doubles as a networking activity. Participants are assigned to groups. Each group is given a position statement to debate. After the debate time, summary statements are presented by a moderator.

networking activity




These activities are pre-arranged, potentially moderated, topical and focused on connecting participants. Techniques to bridge local and remote are to be prepared.





interactive interview of person of interest focusing on the role that makes the person special to the xtUML community

tool/app demonstration




demonstration of a new feature or procedure in the tooling (ASL editor, Ciera, OOA of MASL, canvas features, Carpark)

company expo




To showcase participant companies and organizations, these will work best as pre-recorded production videos.





personal introduction answering a few key questions (name, profession, organization, key connection with xtUML) in a pre-recorded format

video tour




1-5 minute video tour of venue or point of interest to the xtUML community (Queens venue, Portsmouth, HMS Victory, MatchBOX)

happy hour




Happy hour is an organized tasting and sharing of a beverage together. It is fun to have a brewmeister or distiller present to explain and teach and connect those participating online.


(coming soon)

In-Person Gatherings

A dinner gathering is planned in the UK in Cheltenham on the evening of 20 October 2022. The venue and timing are TBD. Dinner is included in the conference registration (including a significant other).

Call for Papers

A program committee will review and select from submitted papers, posters and presentations. Selection is based upon perceived value to the Shlaer-Mellor Community.

Topics of interest to Shlaer-Mellor Days include but are not limited to the following:

  • real-world application modeling examples of installed systems

  • techniques of editing, verifying, translating, debugging and deploying models

  • methodology (Shlaer-Mellor) advances, extensions and refinements

  • static analysis of models and generated code

  • model-based model compilers

  • model integrity

  • action language dialects

  • target software architectures and translation onto those architectures

  • process integration of modeling and modeling tools

  • tooling supporting the Shlaer-Mellor Method

  • current state of the art editing, verification, translation, debugging

  • recent experience with tooling and BridgePoint in particular

  • techniques for educating modelers from young children to experienced professionals

  • tooling migration experience reports

Presentations are expected to be 10-30 minutes in duration with additional time for questions and discussion.

All submissions will be evaluated by the program committee. Selection is based upon significance, clarity and alignment with the call and value to the attendees of Shlaer-Mellor Days 2022. Submissions that promote discussion, advance the Method and generate interaction among Shlaer-Mellor Community members are most desired. For a presentation to be accepted, at least one of the authors must register for Shlaer-Mellor Days, present the material and participate in the conference.

Important Dates

  • Title, session type and duration submission: 9 September 2022

  • Abstract submission deadline: 16 September 2022

  • Author notification: 30 September

  • Submission deadline for video recording of presentation: 11 October 2022

  • Completion of Production Editing (jointly by presenter and committee) of presentation-ready version: 16 October 2022

  • Shlaer-Mellor Days conference day: 18 October 2022

Conference Format

Day 1 of Shlaer-Mellor Days is an information dense and interactive conference lasting one day. The host will welcome attendees at the starting hour. The host will make significant introductions. Key Shlaer-Mellor Community members will give short updates on their applications and experiences. Presentations with Q&A and discussions will fill the morning and afternoon sessions. An open moderated discussion time will end the day.

A detailed agenda will be available in October upon solidification of the speaking agenda.

A day 2 of Shlaer-Mellor Days is a planning day for active stakeholders of the Shlaer-Mellor Community. Planning Day is focused on short and long term requirements of the Method and road map for tooling. Day 2 attendance is by invitation only and physically hosted in Cheltenham.

Newletter Updates Regarding Shlaer-Mellor Days 2022

Conference Organization

  • Michael Lee, Conference Co-Chair, Model Integration, USA, mike [at] modelint.com

  • Cortland Starrett, Conference Co-Chair, One Fact, USA, cortland.starrett [at] onefact.net

Conference Contact

If you have questions about Shlaer-Mellor Days 2022, contact either of the Co-Chairs via email at: cortland.starrett [at] onefact.net or mike [at] modelint.com.

Last Minute Instructions for Participants

Last Last Minute Instructions

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